Trip to Tyre: the spirit of connecting

As part of our Marjeyoun Connect activities two of our members Ms. Paty Hachem and Mr. Fayad Jabara were entrusted with organizing a trip to the famous city of Tyre, called Sour for many years by the locals, and boy these two didn’t disappoint one bit.

From the start, the trip from Jdeida was smooth with the guidance of Paty we took a totally different route than the one usually buses take. As we drove to our first stop and of course along the road Mr. Hanna Bayoud and our two youngest companions Joe and Chris with Ralph’s help were great hosts indeed.

On our first stop, we were welcomed by one of the most friendly and knowledgeable guides Mr. Jihad Mortada, he introduced us to the vast and exciting history of Tyre from being known famously for resisting the invasion of Alexander The Great, still falling short, to the history of the ruins including the hippodrome.

After this cultural overview of the city and after passing by the churches we went straight to the Fanar Restaurant for lunch which was arranged by our two event planners Pat and Fayad. As in any trip or event, mishaps happen but still, they were silly and minor which could not take from the spirit of the gathering and that connection between us as a marjeyounee community. Great work to all who played an integral part in the success of such an amazing trip.