Echoes of Unity: A Nation’s Struggle, Silent Dreams, and Urgent Questions

Your words paint a vivid picture of a society grappling with divisions and questioning its collective purpose. The struggle for unity amid ideological differences is a universal challenge. The celebration of founding anniversaries becomes a paradox when unity appears elusive. The poignant question arises: What does founding mean to them all? Is it a recurring … Read more

Embracing the Tapestry of a Life: A Journey Through Choices, Cultures, and Emotions

I was sitting in a cafe in the Mall of the Emirates, reminiscing about all the moments I’ve experienced throughout my life. I recall having a very good childhood, despite being born during an invasion and occupation by a barbaric nation. My school years were decent, with highs and lows, but lacked discipline from our … Read more

Duduk: Armenian Lebanese Restopub

Tried Duduk for the first time co-owned by a recent acquaintance and friend Chef Riad Abou Lteif. Duduk is located where it used to be Ferdinand also co-owned by Chef Riad. As a step up Duduk gives the feeling of a fine dining experience. As a first impression, you might not feel interested but the … Read more

Do we live in a Matrix?

Ever since I watched that unforgettable trilogy and I’ve asked myself this question. It might feel really silly, I mean basing your concerns on some science fiction flick. It sounds crazy, but the difference between sanity and insanity is but a thin line. Now when am asking such a question am basing this on where … Read more

Hiking Adventure in Batroun: Exploring Ancient Pottery and Lebanese Cuisine with Discovery Beyond Borders

Earlier this Saturday before Palms day I had the pleasure be one of thirteen companions in a hiking adventure that took us to the heights of Batroun towards Assia, Bechealeh & ending with Douma. Our guides were more like friends and not just professional tour operators. Our trip was full of fun, the taste of Batroun & acquaintances hopefully they become friends. Our first stop would be at … Read more


On 16/03/2017 it was a night filled with anticipation and expectation. In Lebanon you can only expect perfection when it comes to Caracalla, this brilliant mind of Abdel-Halim Caracalla and his magnificent crew and selection of cast and dancers brought to life a masterpiece proud to say made in Lebanon. What really struck me as … Read more

Lebanese Cinema is Alive

Cinema is all about passion, risk, and artistic taste and letting your dreams control your vision and lead you to the stars. ​ A few weeks back I was watching an interview with the producers of a newly released film in the Lebanese Cinemas, that got some awards at the Dubai Film Festival, ” Nuts”. When … Read more