Duduk: Armenian Lebanese Restopub

Tried Duduk for the first time co-owned by a recent acquaintance and friend Chef Riad Abou Lteif. Duduk is located where it used to be Ferdinand also co-owned by Chef Riad. As a step up Duduk gives the feeling of a fine dining experience. As a first impression, you might not feel interested but the … Read more

Glass Onion: A Knives out mystery

When we were first introduced to Benoit Blanc in the first Knives out movie, instantly promised to be an interesting character. Daniel Craig’s performance then and now is three dimensional and had a combination of clever and humorous. Glass Onion also boasts an ensemble of actors who manage to deliver good performances and the cherry … Read more

Stiletto : Absurd & Addictive

In recent years the production of shows in the Arab world is on another level expenditure wise. From actors salaries to details and even filming locations. And in the last couple of years adaptation of turkish shows is the thing now. First we had Arous Beirut that was very popular among audiences, and now Stiletto … Read more

Do we live in a Matrix?

Ever since I watched that unforgettable trilogy and I’ve asked myself this question. It might feel really silly, I mean basing your concerns on some science fiction flick. It sounds crazy, but the difference between sanity and insanity is but a thin line. Now when am asking such a question am basing this on where … Read more

Ten underrated Movies

An underrated film is usually well-known. It’s not about being an obscure movie. It’s about being misunderstood or possibly wasn’t what the audience & critics expected when the flick was first released. A great example of such a film is Citizen Kane, but it won’t be included in this list because for me it’s a masterpiece & already highly rated among critics. 1. Eyes Wide … Read more

Last Tango Dance For Leo Messi

Today marks the last International game of one of the greatest football talents. Many consider him the best of the best, for me, it’s going to be Maradona always. But regardless if Messi wins it or not in the last 15 years he’s been the G.O.A.T of football. Now when we talk about two footballing … Read more

Christmas Not X-mas

Every Christmas we have this issue with the most celebrated holiday on the planet. And in recent years it’s celebrated by almost every religion well except for the Jews. The Jews don’t celebrate because for them the messiah is yet to come and for the Christians, Christ is Jesus who is the Messiah in the … Read more