Last Tango Dance For Leo Messi

Today marks the last International game of one of the greatest football talents. Many consider him the best of the best, for me, it’s going to be Maradona always. But regardless if Messi wins it or not in the last 15 years he’s been the G.O.A.T of football. Now when we talk about two footballing nations there’s nothing on the field that might separate Argentina and France although history and head-to-head meetings fancy the former. The only difference is the genius Messi, if the French fail to stop him it’s finished.

If anything today’s game promises to be an open battle and as always who wins the duels in the middle will decide the outcome. But there is always the factor of Messi that can change a game in a second. For me, I’ll be happy for both if Hugo Lloris captain of my favorite club, or Argentina team of my favorite ever player Maradona does it. Whoever wins should be a game to remember and end an era.