The Smarter Shipping Solution – How Cargowise One is Transforming the Logistics Industry

The shipping and logistics industry moves over $4 trillion worth of goods around the globe each year. With so much on the move, efficiency and visibility are key. Cargowise One provides an integrated solution that allows companies to operate smarter along every step of the supply chain.

So What Is Cargowise One?

Cargowise One is an integrated single-platform system that manages the entire shipping process on one database. It replaces the patchwork of multiple systems, spreadsheets, and manual processes often still used in shipping. With everything in one place, companies gain end-to-end visibility and control.

Key Benefits of Cargowise One:

1. Integrated processes
Cargowise seamlessly connects processes like freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehouse management, transport management, and more. Working across connected platforms removes inefficiencies, redundancies, and opportunities for error.

2. Complete visibility
Companies gain insight into freight movements, operations, and associated documents. They can track performance in real-time across the global supply chain. This allows for better forecasting, capacity planning and targeting improvements.

3. Customization
Uniquely flexible configuration options allow customization without the need for expensive bespoke software developments. Companies can adapt the system to everchanging business needs.

Who is it For?

Cargowise One is built for logistics providers, freight forwarders, customs brokers, warehouses, transport companies, and more. Large multinationals like DHL Global Forwarding as well as mid-size freight specialist companies leverage Cargowise One across air, ocean and road freight.

With growing demand to move goods globally, companies require scalability and intelligence from their logistics processes. Cargowise One delivers an integrated solution to unlock visibility, efficiency gains, and growth opportunities. The era of smarter shipping is here.

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