Last Tango Dance For Leo Messi

Today marks the last International game of one of the greatest football talents. Many consider him the best of the best, for me, it’s going to be Maradona always. But regardless if Messi wins it or not in the last 15 years he’s been the G.O.A.T of football. Now when we talk about two footballing … Read more

Christmas Not X-mas

Every Christmas we have this issue with the most celebrated holiday on the planet. And in recent years it’s celebrated by almost every religion well except for the Jews. The Jews don’t celebrate because for them the messiah is yet to come and for the Christians, Christ is Jesus who is the Messiah in the … Read more

Is it time for Farewell?

Farewell what a word Grips your whole being Its weight cripples you A word like no other We are destined for such a word It’s the manner in how you achieve it You can achieve in a cowardice way You can achieve with pride No matter the way you will reach this moment Some leave … Read more

World Cup 2018: Football Biggest Tournament is Here

This Thursday the major tournament of football is starting ” The World Cup” and like any other international tournament, the elite are present. Sadly two huge fan bases won’t be able to support their teams. The Italians & the Dutch failed to qualify and it wasn’t really a surprise at least for me, both don’t … Read more


On 16/03/2017 it was a night filled with anticipation and expectation. In Lebanon you can only expect perfection when it comes to Caracalla, this brilliant mind of Abdel-Halim Caracalla and his magnificent crew and selection of cast and dancers brought to life a masterpiece proud to say made in Lebanon. What really struck me as … Read more

Dare to Dream

An exciting discussion with Ms. Phyllis Kotite, an astonishing person of marjeyoune origins with plenty of stories and experiences during her time in the UN since the 50s. When you meet this lady from the first conversation you feel how far she’s been in her thinking and how many lighting years we as Lebanese are … Read more