An exciting discussion with Ms. Phyllis Kotite, an astonishing person of marjeyoune origins with plenty of stories and experiences during her time in the UN since the 50s.

When you meet this lady from the first conversation you feel how far she’s been in her thinking and how many lighting years we as Lebanese are far. Don’t get me wrong as individuals and most of the time abroad we have the will and enough talent to shine like the brightest star there is in the galaxy. The problem is not our will it’s the vibrancy and having to kick start a project even if you face obstacles like ridicule and minimal interest from others.

So as mentioned earlier the lady in a discussion whose name is Ms. Phyllis Kotite met with us a small group of the Marjeyoun Connect community. Her vast and enriching experience with the UN through the years and her excitement in sharing with us whatever we might be curious about is a precious gift. Being at the same table with her and grasping the knowledge she gained during her time in the UN is as unique as she is. She’s probably the missing piece to our puzzle of an enigma in Marjeyoun.

Yes! most certainly she and other individuals like herself want to reignite the life of Marjeyoun. Such individuals can be model citizens to our youth how to be leaders of women and men, not followers. The time of being followers and waiting for others to act is history. We are in the now and we need to be decision-makers not for others but for ourselves and our destiny.

I might seem idealistic about being leaders not followers, but this is a reality check for all of us. We need to take charge of what we do even if it seemed silly and worthless to others. If you feel it’s right and it’s your calling do it and don’t look back. Criticism will always be there, we as Lebanese live on ridiculing each other. Let criticism come if you are happy and positive about what you do all negativity will abolish. On a final note, I will quote these two mottos which are originally in Latin: “To dare is to do” and “seize the moment”.