Echoes of Unity: A Nation’s Struggle, Silent Dreams, and Urgent Questions

Your words paint a vivid picture of a society grappling with divisions and questioning its collective purpose. The struggle for unity amid ideological differences is a universal challenge. The celebration of founding anniversaries becomes a paradox when unity appears elusive. The poignant question arises: What does founding mean to them all? Is it a recurring … Read more

Embracing the Tapestry of a Life: A Journey Through Choices, Cultures, and Emotions

I was sitting in a cafe in the Mall of the Emirates, reminiscing about all the moments I’ve experienced throughout my life. I recall having a very good childhood, despite being born during an invasion and occupation by a barbaric nation. My school years were decent, with highs and lows, but lacked discipline from our … Read more

The Art of Massage & Confusion in the Industry

Massage is a manual therapy that involves the manipulation of soft tissues to improve health and well-being. There are various techniques and styles of massage, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, and aromatherapy massage. Massage can help with pain management, relaxation, improved circulation, and increased flexibility, among other benefits. It is important to … Read more

Do we live in a Matrix?

Ever since I watched that unforgettable trilogy and I’ve asked myself this question. It might feel really silly, I mean basing your concerns on some science fiction flick. It sounds crazy, but the difference between sanity and insanity is but a thin line. Now when am asking such a question am basing this on where … Read more

Is it time for Farewell?

Farewell what a word Grips your whole being Its weight cripples you A word like no other We are destined for such a word It’s the manner in how you achieve it You can achieve in a cowardice way You can achieve with pride No matter the way you will reach this moment Some leave … Read more

Hiking Adventure in Batroun: Exploring Ancient Pottery and Lebanese Cuisine with Discovery Beyond Borders

Earlier this Saturday before Palms day I had the pleasure be one of thirteen companions in a hiking adventure that took us to the heights of Batroun towards Assia, Bechealeh & ending with Douma. Our guides were more like friends and not just professional tour operators. Our trip was full of fun, the taste of Batroun & acquaintances hopefully they become friends. Our first stop would be at … Read more

Dare to Dream

An exciting discussion with Ms. Phyllis Kotite, an astonishing person of marjeyoune origins with plenty of stories and experiences during her time in the UN since the 50s. When you meet this lady from the first conversation you feel how far she’s been in her thinking and how many lighting years we as Lebanese are … Read more

Nation of Fabrication

Once upon a time, there was an empire so huge that almost historians said that the known world then spoke one language Latin language that of the Romans. As an empire, Rome was a newly born republic that faced through its existence so many obstacles from the attack of the savages on their camps when … Read more