An Uneven Portrayal: Reflecting on the Short Film Depicting Antoune Saadeh

I recently had the opportunity to watch a short film at the Galaxy Grand Cinema that aimed to portray the epic figure of Antoune Saadee, a monumental figure in the history of Lebanon and Greater Syria. However, my experience left me somewhat disappointed, as I felt the film failed to do justice to the importance of the figure it sought to depict.

Antoune Saadee, a towering figure in the annals of Lebanese and Greater Syrian history, deserves a portrayal that captures the essence of his impact and legacy. Unfortunately, the film fell short of this mark, delivering a mediocre representation that left much to be desired.

While I commend the efforts of Ruba Attieh(director) , it is evident that the film suffered from limitations, particularly in terms of funding and timing. It felt rushed, lacking the depth and nuance required to truly bring Antoune Saadee’s story to life on the big screen.

It is essential for filmmakers to recognize the significance of the subjects they choose to depict and to approach their portrayal with the reverence and attention to detail that such figures deserve. In the case of Antoune Saadee, his contributions to the political and intellectual landscape of Lebanon and Greater Syria are immense, and any attempt to capture his essence on film must be undertaken with the utmost care and respect.

Rather than rushing to produce a subpar portrayal, it would have been more prudent for the filmmakers to wait until they could secure better funding and dedicate the necessary time and resources to execute the film with the excellence it deserves. After all, a figure as influential as Antoune Saadee deserves nothing less than a cinematic tribute that befits his stature.

In conclusion, while the short film I watched at the Galaxy Grand Cinema attempted to depict the epic figure of Antoune Saadee, it ultimately fell short of capturing the true essence of his legacy. As viewers, we can only hope that future portrayals of such significant historical figures will be approached with the care and attention they rightfully deserve.

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