Glass Onion: A Knives out mystery

When we were first introduced to Benoit Blanc in the first Knives out movie, instantly promised to be an interesting character. Daniel Craig’s performance then and now is three dimensional and had a combination of clever and humorous. Glass Onion also boasts an ensemble of actors who manage to deliver good performances and the cherry … Read more

Ten underrated Movies

An underrated film is usually well-known. It’s not about being an obscure movie. It’s about being misunderstood or possibly wasn’t what the audience & critics expected when the flick was first released. A great example of such a film is Citizen Kane, but it won’t be included in this list because for me it’s a masterpiece & already highly rated among critics. 1. Eyes Wide … Read more

Lebanese Cinema is Alive

Cinema is all about passion, risk, and artistic taste and letting your dreams control your vision and lead you to the stars. ​ A few weeks back I was watching an interview with the producers of a newly released film in the Lebanese Cinemas, that got some awards at the Dubai Film Festival, ” Nuts”. When … Read more

What makes most movies of our time crappy?

 First of all, they are drained of creative ideas. Nowadays filmmakers got nothing to offer, they either remake a movie that had been made in the 60s or make a prequel to a blockbuster in the 70s or worse they buy the rights to a movie that has been done already. As for the drained … Read more