Once upon a time, there was an empire so huge that almost historians said that the known world then spoke one language Latin language that of the Romans.

As an empire, Rome was a newly born republic that faced through its existence so many obstacles from the attack of the savages on their camps when the Romans started just as normal peasants, like Balkan Tribes, or even Mongols, and evolved to become a respected state which eventually was thirsty for power so started conquering and suppressing other fellow neighbours.

After being established as a forceful and fearful country as a republic it started facing its first problems as a “nation” from the rebellion of the slaves to gain their freedom to almost ending with attacks of the so-called “barbarians” the Huns who will eventually play a progressive role in the decline of once called “Roman Empire”.

But this process of decline to have led to this there were a lot of stages to have passed some positive but mostly negative. As we all know any newly found nation or tribe craving for power has to engage in wars and sometimes destructive, like the 3 Punic wars that almost destroyed Rome but because of the conflict between Carthaginian politicians and the military fall of Rome shall wait for the coming of the Huns and the Gothic.

Now, in our time since our fathers opened their eyes, there are two forces actually controlling the universe and with time and false decisions our generations woke up on one single force ruling the universe until a few years most of my generation had in their mind this empire going to last more than the empires that came before it and one of those “Rome” we talked about.

In many debates with my friends and relatives, I have always tried to show them the resemblance between empires preceded especially Rome and with the “Mighty Nation of U.S.”, “Leading Nation of the free world” “Land of opportunities”

“Land of Business Success” and “Leading Nation of Free Economy”, So many names that with time you won’t know which one is true and which is fabricated. At the end of the day, you reach a conclusion or I knew the conclusion months ago that the U.S. Economy is built on pure fabrication and exaggeration that unfortunately affected the Global economy as a whole except for a few countries like Russia and China that did not have huge losses like western countries or Asian countries that are considered allies to the west.

When I watch the news on CNN, since it’s the only English-speaking channel that I have in my flat in Madagascar, I wonder now as I watch the Dow goes up and down, down and up and most of the time down and maybe in the coming months will stay going down till it reaches a place where not even a bailout from Russia and China combined, and those two are arch rivals to the Mighty Empire, will be able to rescue the “UNRISKY ECONOMY OF THE MIGHTY NATION OF U.S.”

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