Ever since I watched that unforgettable trilogy and I’ve asked myself this question. It might feel really silly, I mean basing your concerns on some science fiction flick. It sounds crazy, but the difference between sanity and insanity is but a thin line. Now when am asking such a question am basing this on where we live in Lebanon. I mean look at us since the birth of this tiny country in 1920 and we were controlled by corrupt people. Nothing changed the so-called hero Bechara Khoury and his prime minister Riad Solh were tools for the British. Later Chamoun era had prosperity but went hand in hand with corruption but not as much as now.

In the last 40 years, nothing changed the politicians became bolder and instead of stealing a small percentage they stole everything and shared it. In a normal country suffering, year after year and its currency is losing its value by the second people should rise and overthrow the whole establishment that consists of corrupt politicians, clergymen, and dirty media personnel unless the majority of us are living in a matrix and controlled by those who we are supposed to revolt against. Sometimes I feel it’s a nightmare and we will wake up one day. But it feels like we are hypnotized and allowing ourselves to be in a such shit situation. Or just the simple ugly truth that Lebanon was not supposed to be born in the first place and it’s the creation of the west so that this tiny country exists to cause havoc in the region, and not a message like once described by the late John Paul second.