Ten underrated Movies

An underrated film is usually well-known. It’s not about being an obscure movie. It’s about being misunderstood or possibly wasn’t what the audience & critics expected when the flick was first released. A great example of such a film is Citizen Kane, but it won’t be included in this list because for me it’s a masterpiece & already highly rated among critics.

1. Eyes Wide Shut(1999) this film is regarded as a flop on release day, with critics mentioning the themes reflected incoherent messages. But although it showcases more quirky material than the other Stanley Kubrick movies,  it’s still an outstanding movie.

2. Dreams(1990) for Akira Kurosawa, when it’s compared to his earlier films it’s not highly regarded & not favored among critics. In my opinion, it’s one of the masterpieces that came from this genius nearing the end of his career.

3. Lady Vengeance(2005); the last flick in Chan-wook Park Vengeance Trilogy suffered from following footsteps of the successful Oldboy.The narrative is digestible, and the movie is textured more. 

4. Naked Lunch(1991) has a specific affinity with fans of the book that was adapted to screen by David Cronenberg. Viewers might struggle with the craziness & others would be joyful with the mix between realism & fiction.

5. The Cable Guy(1996) with Jim Carrey & directed by Ben Stiller is another flick when you compare it to Carrey’s other work it will easily go unnoticed. But when you take it as a comedy & compare it to today’s cinema and Adam Sandler’s comedy it will be considered a triumph. To date critics especially it’s branded it a bad movie.

6. Nosferatu The Vampire(1979) this flick that was directed by then-talented Werner Herzog (who had a cameo in Tom Cruise Jack Reacher) is almost overlooked when the talk about Vampires in Cinema. The reason might be the discomposed performance of the lead actor.

7. Lone Star(1996); It’s a movie that concentrates how some might manage to be shadowed to legends. Their reaction when they find out that their idol is but a fraud. And the reaction of the audience towards such movies wasn’t welcoming as producers might expect.

8. The Game(1997); this authentic thriller by David Fincher, the director of the classic Seven wasn’t able to repeat his success. Not because the movie wasn’t good, but because the audience, as usual, wasn’t able to comprehend the complexity of the characters. 

9. The Transformers(1986) Depending on how the audience might perceive a certain flick would decide the status of a movie. The screenplay in this animated film is one of the best to be constructed. And the current series of The Transformers movies should have taken something from that classic animation. 

10. Saturday Night Fever(1977); When it’s seen as some sort of corny flick & not appreciated as an uncompromising examination of the difficulties facing teenage America in fast-changing times then it’s underrated.