Abolish The Presidency in Lebanon & Handover it over to the Real Ruler

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written anything, especially with the situation in Lebanon being in turmoil since 17 October last year and with Covid-19. After the speech yesterday I had to post something, for years I’ve been an avid supporter of the “resistance” against any clear danger to Lebanon and Lebanese.  But in recent years you just can smell it, you can smell the sham that the Lebanese being fed for decades. For decades Lebanon is under what is called ” resistance against the west & Israel”. True Sham and misguided truth to half of the Lebanese who are Shia. The ugly truth is that the Islamic Republic of Iran and its tool in Lebanon Hezbollah are mere pawns in a bigger regional plan to control the middle east and those two are in reality in allegiance or at least in some kind of understanding with their supposedly mortal enemies ( no need to name them everybody knows who are they) and the plan as long as the middle east is in chaos then all surrounding countries will be in check starting with Gulf countries who are always frightened by Iran and U.S. benefits from this by selling Gulf countries war equipment that would use for a regional conflict that causes more chaos and no clear victor like the Saudi-Yemeni war or like the Syrian civil war that in its actuality more contract from the west to Russia to flush out extremist in their countries and send to Syria to die. As for my beloved country, Lebanon doesn’t even exist on this chessboard the actual ruler of the country spoke yesterday and declared to his mob that this is it ” Strive or kill us we will fight you till the end” and he gave the instructions to go make agreements with countries like China and other developed countries in the far east. Talking is nice but meaningless when it comes to the people on the streets since Nasrallah & Hezbollah took power in Lebanon and they never kept promises on fighting corruption but in fact, they allied themselves with corrupt politicians. Current president Aoun made a huge mistake when he chose to fulfill his long-awaited dream. The real president of Lebanon sits in Tehran and awaits instructions from Russian and Americans for the next move or maybe will tell him to do nothing at all and let the country sink further into chaos.

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