Altered Carbon Series: Potential For Cult Following

The new series on Netflix got all the factors to become a hit. Yet there’s still something missing in this show. In my opinion, the actors are brilliant and the production is superb, but something doesn’t add up. Although it’s a well-constructed storytelling script yet the episodes seem disconnected. You just feel that every episode could be watched separably and the main idea of the show still known. You start the premiere episode with a sort of introduction to how the future after 350 years or so has been altered. In a way where you can put the consciousness in another human. Well although the idea seems original it’s been done in the recent season of Black Mirror. As for the whole idea of putting someone’s consciousness after being dead in another body well in many religions, it’s called incarnation.  

In general, the show is extremely exciting and worthwhile watching if you are a science fiction fan.  It’s got all the elements of an original show and the potential to become a cult favorite. Although I hope it doesn’t get canceled after a couple of seasons. Like they did with Penny Dreadful and before Deadwood & Rome, the latter is one of my favorite shows and deserved more airtime. Now back to Altered Carbon and the amazing cast it’s got led by a new upcoming Swedish actor Joe Kinnaman has most known among comic fans for his role in the suicide squad and as RoboCop in the rebooted version. The other actor James Purefoy is most notably known for playing Marc Antony in the short-lived series Rome.  In addition to an ensemble of amazing actresses with a diversity of ethnicities. If anything this show recognized the diversity of the universe especially when you see the use of more than three languages including Arabic.