Lebanese Cinema is Alive

Cinema is all about passion, risk, and artistic taste and letting your dreams control your vision and lead you to the stars. ‚Äč

A few weeks back I was watching an interview with the producers of a newly released film in the Lebanese Cinemas, that got some awards at the Dubai Film Festival, ” Nuts”. When you listen to people like Tarek Sikias and the other producers of this movie you just feel that there’s something special. For me watching a movie in the cinema was always about the gathering not if it’s a good movie because let’s face great cinema these days is an acquired taste. Yesterday when I went to the cinema I had the chance to watch a 14-time nominated film ” LaLa Land” which I heard feedback from close friends who know their cinema that it’s really overrated movie and am not a fan of a movie with a very weak plot and glorifies Hollywood, so I went with the second choice ” Nuts” and my expectations were met exciting, brilliant acting from Gabriel Yammine, decent from the others, an amazing technique in the way they approached the takes. I heard some people complain about the ending, for me, it was simply glorious and mind-blowing. I can honestly say I’ve never been happier in going to the cinema and watching a quality made film for a long while. A big portion of the Lebanese community will despise, crucify the movie and let it fail at the Lebanese box office which is sadly already being felt. I tell you this you don’t know what are you missing: a well-struck plot, amazing cast, and director, and spot-on feature film that we can be proud to call Lebanese made in an era in the cinema industry where there’s a lack of originality in telling the story or sometimes there’s no story at all and most of the times there’s weakness in the plot.

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