Savoring Fusion Excellence: Tahini Dubai’s Culinary Symphony

In the heart of Dubai’s diverse culinary landscape stands Tahini, a restaurant co-owned by the visionary Chef Riad Abou Ltief. Known for its distinctive blend of Lebanese and European flavors, Tahini Dubai offers a culinary journey like no other. Tahini Dubai, under the meticulous co-ownership of Riad Abou Ltief, transcends the ordinary with its innovative … Read more

Qortoba : From Aleppo to Lebanon with Love

Thanks to Zomato & Qortoba’s invitation, you have the opportunity to try a place you would instantly fall in love with it. The site for starts is located in a great area and got a breathtaking view. Whatever you choose from their specialty dishes, the food well for me you wouldn’t be disappointed. So for the first time obviously I … Read more