Al-Thaman: The Rise & Fall

After watching 47 episodes of Al-Thaman, I have to say that I’m officially done with the show. While I was initially hooked by the intriguing plot and strong cast, I found that over time, the slow pacing and frustrating character development ruined my interest in the show.

One of the main issues I had with the show was the character of Sara, played by Razane Jammal. While I appreciate that she’s supposed to be a strong, independent woman, I found her character to be too cold and unrelatable. I couldn’t connect with her on an emotional level, which made it difficult to care about her storyline or her interactions with the other characters.

Speaking of the other characters, I will say that there is some chemistry among the cast. Bassel Khayat, Nicolas Mouawad, and Sara Abi Kanaan all give strong performances, and I enjoyed seeing their characters’ evolution over the course of the show. However, even their great performances couldn’t make up for the show’s slow rhythm.

Scenes drag on for far too long, with little action or plot development to keep things interesting. While I understand that some viewers might appreciate the slower pace as a way to build tension or character development, for me, it just felt tedious and unnecessary.

Overall, while I was initially excited about the series , I have to say that my interest in the show has waned over time. The coldness of the Sara character, combined with the slow pacing and lack of action, ultimately made it too frustrating and boring for me to continue watching.