What makes most movies of our time crappy?

 First of all, they are drained of creative ideas. Nowadays filmmakers got nothing to offer, they either remake a movie that had been made in the 60s or make a prequel to a blockbuster in the 70s or worse they buy the rights to a movie that has been done already. As for the drained ideas our famous directors blame who came before them that didn’t leave a single idea, yet we see brilliant people like Tarantino, Jarmusch, and Scorsese…… and a few more face no difficulty. Well, what’s their reason for such rubbish films? I just can’t find a good reason why hell we’re living during the dark ages of the movie industry. A word of advice for those who want to be a director in the future just watch from time to time an old movie and judge for yourself which is better our era or the era of originality.

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